Here’s Proof Not All Marketing Strategies Are Measurable

Here’s Proof Not All Marketing Strategies Are Measurable

Jan 19, 2022 12:59 AM
Treyton DeVore

Originally published January 26th, 2021

Let me tell you a quick story about how I got one of my first clients.

The chain of events that took place might sound far-fetched if you aren't familiar with how social media can really work for you.

So I was 6 weeks into creating content after my firm launched at the end of July.

I left this comment on GaryVee’s videographer’s tweet.


It led to this DM from someone who saw my reply.


The DMs led to a connection to the owner of a personal finance blog for recent grads.


Which led to doing an interview that was published on their blog and sent out in their newsletter to 1,000+ subscribers of college students and recent grads.


A subscriber of their newsletter:

1) Saw the story

2) Visited my website

3) Signed up for my free download on the home page

and 4) Booked a meeting on that first incentive email that gets sent when someone signs up.


They became a client after that first meeting.

That’s how having a marketing system in place and social selling can work.

Let that sit for a little bit.

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