Content Strategy

Phase #1 • Deep Dive & Strategy

  • Figure out your target audience
  • Determine where they spend their time
  • Figure out what's valuable to them
  • Think about the problem(s) you're solving
  • Determine your value proposition(s)


Remember: Content takes time to produce business results

Phase #2 • Development

  • Develop your content strategy
  • Keep the target audience in mind
  • Determine call-to-actions
  • Determine the content types
  • Determine the platforms
  • Determine posting frequency
  • Determine content creation process

Phase #3 • Launching

  • Create it.
  • Distribute it.
  • Repurpose It.
  • Evaluate it.
  • Repeat.

Content Marketing Framework

Top of Funnel Content

The "Attention" Phase

• Content that builds awareness and attention around your firm

  • Blog posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
Mid Funnel Content

The "Conversion" Phase

• Trying to convert the attention into warm contacts

  • Free resources (PDF, guides)
  • Quiz or survey
  • Webinars

Bottom Funnel Content

The "Closing" Phase

• Convert contacts to clients

  • Comparison chart
  • Free assessment
  • Pricing/marketing collateral
  • Case studies
  • Sales pages

Platform Strategies


  • Ideal if you have a profession niche
  • Must engage with others
Types of Content

• Share blogs

• Video clips

• Great example: Manish/Potomac Funds

• List of tips

• Lessons

• Personal stories

• Infographics

Posting Frequency

• Daily if possible

• Reported best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - mornings

Content Mix

• Test sharing blog links, native LinkedIn articles, and blog link in comments

• Try sharing videos, audio, text posts, articles

• Measure and see what's resonating most

• Double down on what's working

• Share personal stories, lessons, updates, etc.

• Create slideshow posts


  • Can be effective with an existing following or a paid strategy
  • Active in groups
Types of Content

• Video clips

• Share blogs

• Personal stories

• Meet the Team

• Facebook Live videos

• Infographics

• Tag/interact with local businesses

Posting Frequency
  • Ideally daily
  • 2-3x/week minimum


  • Great for any advisor
  • Video allows you to build trust prior to contact
Types of Content
  • How To videos
  • Explaining topics in stories
  • Meet The Team
  • A Weekly Economic Review

Posting Frequency
  • The least demanding of all social medias
  • Once weekly is desired
  • Once monthly is okay
  • **Repurpose videos often


  • Ideal for advisors who target millennials
Types of Content

• Share carousel posts from blogs

• Video clips

• Simple infographics

• Tips

• Utilize IG stories

Posting Frequency

• If possible, daily

• Prioritize posting stories over feed content if time is limited

• Good cadence: 4x/week

• Something educational

• A video

• An audio clip

• Something "playful" or educational

Content Mix
  • Different kinds throughout the week
  • Measure and see what's resonating most
  • Share behind the scenes of running the business
  • Share the customer service & planning team
  • Let followers get to know them
  • Record videos of yourself talking about a topic, problems you see clients face, questions you're asked, etc.


  • Ideal for niche advisors
  • • e.g. #MedTwitter, entrepreneurs, crypto

  • Must engage
Types of Content

• Blogs

• Newsletter promo

• Video clips

• List of tips or lessons

• Threads

• Infographics

• Quote other people's tweets and add your thoughts

Posting Frequency

• Daily

• Multiple times daily if niche exists on Tiwtter

Content Cadence
  • Figure out a schedule for content
  • e.g. Monday - blog

    Tuesday - tips

    Wednesday - video clip

    Thursday - blog in thread form

    Friday - personal story/lessons learned/team spotlight/something fun

Tips & Reminders

Subtitle every video

• 85% of people watch videos with the sound off, don't lose them

Content takes time to work, don't measure by the week

Copywriting is everything. Copywriting is everything. Copywriting is everything. Copywriting is everything. Copywriting is everything.

Not all content is equal - i.e. design and quality matters

Repurpose everything

Don't get tired and quit before people have a chance to get interested

You never know who's consuming but not engaging

Have fun :)