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Sharing blogs native on LinkedIn Article feature
Do collab videos with COI relationships (CPA, insurance advisor, estate planner)

Blog Tips

Don't be scared of keeping it short, but don't afraid to go long

  • Readers appreciate valuable information and no fluff
  • But if the valuable information needs to be delivered in 2,500 words, great. Spend some time on it and remember to edit out anything that isn't contributing to the main point

Cross-link to other existing blog posts within a post

✅ Example

Related post: *link to blog post


Also read: *link to blog post

After posting, the work isn't done

  • Promote and drive engagement to blog on social channels

Distribute to every platform. Frequently.

✅ Distribution example

• Take 3-4 main points and turn into Instagram and LinkedIn carousel post

• Turn blog into Twitter thread

• Take the main points and turn into a visual/infographic

• Edit down blog into just a LinkedIn text post

• Post link to blog on social media

• Write a post around the topic, and link to blog in comments

• Post blog natively on LinkedIn article feature

Remember not every follower or connection sees every post. Repurpose and redistribute.

Focus on the headline

  • If it's not enticing, it doesn't matter how good the content is if no one clicks on it

Don't edit the first draft

  • Get all your thoughts on the subject out there, step away and come back to add more/edit later