Content Ideas

Firm's blog posts

  • Share direct links
  • Share slideshow/carousel posts
  • Pull main points and turn into text only post
  • Turn into infographic

Industry news

  • Relevant financial news
  • Bonus points from summarizing and writing "Why You Should Care" or "How This May Impact You"

Curated content

  • Sharing content from other advisors
  • Content related to target audiences values

Asking questions

  • Polls

'Introducing the team' video

  • Lets people see who they may be working with
  • Shows brand personality

Client testimonials

  • Review compliance rules prior


  • Shows personality and relatability


  • Quarterly tax payments
  • Check 401(k) allocations
  • Etc.

Photo/video from company events

  • Charity events
  • Fundraisers

Answer FAQs

  • Answer in video form
  • Text form
  • Slideshow/carousel posts


  • Flowcharts
  • Blog graphics

Host conversations with niche influencers/leaders

  • Podcast
  • LinkedIn/Facebook videos

Give away free resources

Free budget template

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Financial Advisor

National "Holiday" posts

  • National Coffee Day
  • National Teacher Appreciation Week

Podcast episode clips & audiograms

  • Use video editor to create sub-titled visuals

Promote your newsletter

  • Share content from inside newsletter

Best/favorite money quotes

Company accomplishments

Product reviews

  • Review high-yield savings accounts
  • Or insurance provider pros and cons
  • Consumer-facing investment platforms


  • "If money wasn't a factor, I would spend my days _______ I'll go first: Backpacking Europe"

Personal stories/lessons

  • Shows relatability and can build trust